New Underwater Robots! Aiper Debuts the Future of Hands-Free Backyard Maintenance

When it comes to the backyard, no one wants to spend hours scrubbing and cleaning a home space designed for escape and relaxation. Especially when it comes to pools – an oasis designed for fun for yourself, family, and friends.

Enter Aiper: the leading global creator of eco-friendly, cordless robotic pool cleaners on a mission to create simple, smart cleaning solutions for pool owners worldwide.

Debuting its new flagship line and most advanced series of cleaners to date – The Seagull Series – Aiper’s latest mission has been to solve the industry’s biggest pain points: cords, time, and money.

The new series will consist of three models, all valued at different price points for different needs — the Seagull Pro, which was named a CES 2023 Innovation Award Honoree, the Seagull Plus and the recently launched Seagull SE. Aiper will also be debuting the Elite Pro, a special edition product that will be available starting January 5.

The Seagull Pro comes complete with the world’s first quad-motor system, the brand’s signature underwater WavePath™ Navigation Technology, and three cleaning modes – floor cleaning, wall cleaning, and auto-mode, which cleans both the floor and wall of a pool using wall climbing abilities.

The Seagull SE can be found online via and for $249.99, along with the Elite Pro for $699.99. The Seagull Plus will be available in February for $379.99, and the Seagull Pro will be available in March for $819.99.

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