Nobi’s revolutionary lamp for fall detection and prevention also monitors vital signs starting in 2023

EU age tech scale-up Nobi has developed the world’s smartest lamp. Using AI, it can detect, prevent & predict falls with older people. Falls are the main cause of fatal injuries among seniors. The smart lamp allows older people to live independently and in a safer way at home for longer & supports care workers in professional care facilities. The new generation of the smart lamp, launched internationally at CES, shifts up another gear and monitors vital signs such as breathing and coughing 24/7.

The smart AI-Nobi lamp detects falls & alerts care staff or family members if required. The elderly users are in full charge of their privacy. In a home environment, Nobi can even open the front door for caregivers. The smart lamp helps prevent falls with adjusted lighting settings. By monitoring sleep patterns, the lamp can predict an increased risk of falls and reveal other health problems. Thanks to the use of radar technology, the new generation Nobi lamp will also monitor crucial body parameters such as coughing and breathing, and thus monitor the safety and health of elderly residents even more effectively, 24/7.

Nobi combines innovative technology with stylish design and extreme ease of use, while the elderly remain fully in charge of their privacy. Nobi is available in Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Hungary and the US.