obVus Solutions, award-winning tech wellness products

Working and studying remotely is now the norm. Yet poor ergonomics due to make-shift home offices can lead to sore necks, tight backs, headaches, and more. obVus Solutions‘ award-winning suite of quality well-tech apps, devices and health coaching services empower well-being and support working well everywhere.

Long hours hunched over laptop screens puts unwanted stress on the body. The award winning obVus Solutions minder® Laptop Tower Stand allows for easy positioning of laptops, so screens can be set at eye-level and keyboards positioned for arm and wrist support. Its light-weight design from sitting or standing – without a standing desk – saves valuable space and is perfect for those on- the-go. The newly upgraded Laptop Tower Stand II adds a handy smartphone stand.

obVus Solutions’ full-size wireless minder keyboard folds up seamlessly to the size of a smartphone while offering up to 40 hours of work-time battery life. One-touch simultaneous connection of up to three Bluetooth-enabled devices allows users to easily switch between laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Named “Best App” by the Webby Awards, iOS based minder(R) coaches and conditions good posture, mindful breathing and purposeful breaks utilizing a gamified environment and sensory cues. Apple Watch users experience enhanced visual, audio and haptic biofeedback features. Certified minderPRO health coaches address users’ health concerns and adds much-needed support, helping reduce risk of injury.