ohsnap is the phone enhancing grip that doesn’t suck!

Phones are remarkable pieces of technology that have changed nearly all of our lives over the past decade. Billions of dollars go into developing these marvels every year, and yet most of us immediately adorn them with often childish, cheaply made plastic accessories day 1.

Our phones have evolved so much that they now replace several key pieces of technology such as TV, GPS, audio playback, fitness tracker, business tool, gaming device and more. But physically, phones haven’t kept pace with this, and they remain ever expensive, un-ergonomic, vulnerable devices.

Ohsnap was developed over three years of painstaking trial and error, designed to massively increase the usability of your most precious piece of technology, but without compromising the portability or aesthetics of your phone! Only 3MM thin, and over 10 features that help in a multitude of different use cases, ohsnap truly is one of the most useful products ever created.

Ohsnap equips your phone with a fully rotating grip, multi-angle stand, total reach technology, magnetic mounting, magnetic car mount capability, wireless charging, and even a box opener. And it does this while complementing the beauty of your phone (or case) without adding ridiculous, pocket snagging bulk.

Coming off a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign raising over $700K and 18,000 backers, ohsnap is ready for primetime at CES 2020. Come visit us at Booth EP53168. Bring your CES Daily magazine and receive a FREE ohsnap!