From making it easier for people with spatial cognition to navigate to immersing metaverse users into experiences they can touch and feel, Omdia industry leading analysts discover ingenuity and imagination in tech for Innovation Awards at ShowStoppers @ CES 2023

LONDON, 10 Jan. 2023 – Tech innovators are making navigation easier for people with spatial cognition, reimagining headphones, making whole-home entertainment extraordinary, managing energy use while making homes more comfortable and smarter, making solar power portable for outdoor activities and home emergencies, revolutionizing hearing aids, deploying code-less software updates to vehicles, using compression technologies to improve muscle recovery, creating new tools to take notes and sketch ideas — and immersing users of the metaverse into other-worldly experiences they can touch and feel.

Analysts from Omdia, — the global research leader – today announced the winners of the Innovation Awards at ShowStoppers® at CES,, the press event of CES, the tech tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV.

“Showstoppers always provides Omdia analysts a platform to discover fresh products and ideas,” said Paul Gray, Research Director, Consumer Electronics & ProAV at Omdia. “There was an incredible buzz to the event this year, with really diverse solutions to a wide range of challenges. It demonstrates the power of face-to-face conversations.”

100 startups and industry leaders introduced next generation tech for work, home and play to more than 800 journalists from 57 countries at ShowStoppers @ CES.

The awards distinguish ingenuity and innovation exhibited by companies and products at ShowStoppers press events. By category, the winners and runners up are:

  • Mobile Computing (includes cell phones, accessories, tablets)
    • Winner – Loovic Inc., ”Navigation System’ — “With voice and tactile notifications, Loovic helps people who have difficulty with spatial cognition. It’s very intuitive and has potential to be used for different purposes,” said Jusy Hong, Senior Research Manager, Mobile Devices.
    • Runner Up – Lenovo,, ”Smart Paper.’
  • Productivity (includes work from home)
    • Winner – TWT Audio, ‘TW-310 Headset’ — “TWT Audio delivers audio quality and unique modular customization options at a very approachable price point,” said Patrick Horner, Practice Manager, Home.
    • Runner Up – Lenovo,,’Think Book Plus Gen 4.’
  • Home & Personal Entertainment (includes AR, VR & gaming)
    • Winner – Xperi,, ‘DTS Play-Fi Home Theatre,’ a wireless whole-home sound system – “Xperi’s DTS DTS Play-Fi Home Theatre solution makes easy to set up 5.1 channel high quality sound system at home, adding additional WIFI sound bar and separate stereo speakers. Mobile control is also very convenient,” said Ken Park, Senior Research Manager, TV & ProAV, and Daiyu Yin, Senior Product Manager.
    • Runner Up – AWOL Vision, ‘Vision Vanish,’ a rollable 4k UHD 3D laser TV.
  • Smart Home & Robotics (includes drones and smart appliances)
    • Winner – Schneider Electric, ‘Schneider Home’ — “This home energy control solution comes at the right time to help meet today’s energy management challenges,” said Emir Lasic, Senior Analyst, Home Appliances.
    • Runner Up – Nobi, ‘Nobi Smart Lamp‘.
  • Portable Power and Outdoor Solar Utilities
    • Winner – Jackery,, ‘SG Explorer 2000 Pro’ — “For outdoor enthusiasts looking to bring creative comforts from home into the woods, Jackery’s $1,700 Explorer 2000 Pro solar generator is an essential, albeit pricey, piece of camping kit,” said Jack Narcotta, Senior Principal Analyst, Smart Home.
    • Runner Up: Jackery,, ‘Ari-W.’
  • Fitness, Health & Wellbeing
    • Winner – Eargo,, ‘Eargo 7’ — “Eargo’s latest intelligent hearing aids continue to push the proprietary audio assistance market into the consumer era. The stroke of genius may be the accompanying app, which makes customizing the Eargo 7 for each consumer a simple, straightforward process,” said Paul Gray, Research Director, Consumer Electronics & ProAV, and Jack Narcotta, Senior Principal Analyst, Smart Home.
    • Runner Up – FirmTech,, ‘Tech Ring’
  • Judges Choice Award
    • Winner – Sonatus, ‘VAM’ — “Sonatus VAM is an innovative and simple way to push over-the-air updates from the car manufacturer to the vehicle and end user. This is proof of concept that is easily scalable and being used in the real world,” said TC Goh, Senior Analyst, Consumer Electronics.
    • Runner Up – Lenovo,, ‘Yoga Book 9i 06.’
  • Additional Judges Choice Awards
    • Spryng,, ‘Spryng 2.0’ on-the-go Compression Therapy that can elevate healing after workouts, selected by Jack Narcotta, Senior Principal Analyst, Smart Home.
    • Lenovo,, ‘Smart Paper,’ an E-ink device for note taking, reading, and sketching, selected by Jusy Hong, Senior Research Manager, Mobile Devices.
    • bHaptics,, ‘Tact Glove’ — “Innovation at its finest, making the game more realistic and submerging you into a real-world experience,” said Daiyu Yin, Senior Product Manager.

The judges are renowned Omdia analysts, including:

  • Paul Gray, Research Director, Consumer Electronics & ProAV
  • Jusy Hong, Senior Research Manager, Mobile Devices
  • Patrick Horner, Practice Manager, Home
  • Emir Lasic, Senior Analyst, Home Appliances
  • Ken Park, Senior Research Manager, TV & ProAV
  • Jack Narcotta, Senior Principal Analyst, Smart Home
  • TC Goh, Senior Analyst, Consumer Electronics
  • Daiyu Yin, Senior Product Manager, Components & Devices

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