Paronym accesses marked images without searching web

Barcelona would be surprised at new and unique 20 startups from various featured sectors:

Mobile app analytics/Smell digitizing sensor/Portable brain monitor/Earth observation microsatellite/Travel & hospitality chatbot/Heatstroke preventing sensor/Smart urine sensor/3D foot measuring/Protection and encryption data-in-use/Cost-effective  edge AI/Innovative TV recorder/Explainable lightweight AI/Automatic translation/Nature harmonizing IoT/Digital currency exchange/Coronavirus detection from SNS/AD fraud prevention/Democratization of  architecture/Fun living robotics —

Out of them Paronym  was selected as the only one East Asian semi-finalist of 4YFN Awards with the technology allowing users of videos or photos to access the related information of marked images without searching the web.

JETRO, government-related organization, promotes mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. We offer promising startups opportunities to connect with innovation frontiers and explore links to potential partners. We aim to make winning startups in the global market and bring new value to the world.

The situation is unfortunate, but JETRO hopes to return Barcelona next year with cutting-edge solutions.