Perfect meat enjoyment with the King of Grill

Whether medium steaks from the grill, crispy chicken from the oven or juicy fish from the pan: MEATER unleashes great enthusiasm among the grill community and in kitchens all over the world. The multitalented gadget brings the preparation of meat into the 21st century, cable free and with smartphone support.

With the original MEATER, the MEATER+ with increased range and the recently released MEATER Block, amateur chefs and BBQ lovers can now choose from three models.

Easy preparation thanks to intuitive App connection

The cooking process can be controlled through a dedicated MEATER App. It contains several different preprogrammed cooking temperatures, which can be used for various meat types. Furthermore, cooking meat with manual settings is also an option Besides that, the app provides tips and tricks for preparation as well as several description videos. The smartphone permanently informs about the temperature development and in that way, it gives an overview about the remaining cooking time.

As soon as the meat or fish reach the perfect moment, the user receives a notification to remove the food from the heat. This way, the chef can lean back and relax or prepare the side dishes and take care of the guests in the meantime.

New : MEATER Block with integrated display and four probes

If you plan a bigger dinner party with a variety of meat dishes, the all new MEATER Block is the  gadget of choice. Thanks to an integrated OLED display, the user can even forgo to the usage of a smartphone. The cooking programs can be set up on the display, which is incorporated into the attractively designed bamboo block. Each probe of the MEATER Block can be operated individually.

Wide range, noble design

For those who move a lot between kitchen, cellar and grill during the cooking process, using the mobile application is the best option. Connecting via Bluetooth, you can move around a radius of up to 50 meters from the oven or grill. If you log in to the WiFi you can increase the range, depending on the size of your home’s WiFi range. And if you suddenly realize,that an important  ingredient is missing, you can quickly hop into the next supermarket without letting the cooking process out of sight: Just register at MEATER Cloud to reach a potentially endless range.