Play fitness games! Burn calories! We are looking for sales channels in USA & EU

Now we are new sales channels to expand Dendama to the USA & EU. We will start to sell around this summer in this year!

What is exactly DENDAMA?

DENDAMA is the improved tech version of the traditional Japanese wood game called  “Kendama” that is now considered a street sport played by people all over the world.

We are Kendama enthusiasts that saw worldwide potential in this sport so we decided to make it more challenging by adding diverse game scenarios and online functionality to it in order to create a new and exciting experience, even for people who have never played with a kendama before.


Everyday life can be stressful, relax no matter where you are and keep an active lifestyle with DENDAMA! Challenge yourself and coordinate your body through exciting levels of tricks you can enjoy games that keep your body moving and active!

Now, you can enjoy learning and mastering a Kendama trick while being part of a whole new interactive digital experience. If playing alone is not challenging enough you can also connect with other players around the world in exciting versus matches!

The DENDAMA app includes a variety of games to play solo or in versus mode against players around the world. Whenever you complete a game, your final score will be added to the world ranking chart updated in real-time.

Upcoming Games

A fitness game that uses your play data to count calories.

A daily battle game.