PopSockets – from 150 million phone grips to an ecosystem of fun and life-changing products

PopSockets brings everyday tech that enhances the user experience of something we all use daily – our phone. We exist to change the world for the better with innovative and fun products. Customers love the PopSockets brand because our products aren’t just useful—they are also expressive and empowering. The demand from consumers is centred around the simple yet versatile functionality, self-expression, and ability to give and create a human connection. We’ve sold over 150 million grips globally and have become a staple on phones around the world.

The insolent popularity of our PopGrip around the world paved the road to a whole unified ecosystem of unbelievably fun and handy products for your phone. Starting with the new version of our best-seller, our PopGrip is now 100% compatible with wireless charging. New members of the PopSockets family will be presented at IFA such as:

  • PopWallet+: Never lose your wallet – with integrated PopGrip to hold up to 3 cards and it is wireless charging compatible.
  • PopMirror: A PopGrip made to reflect you! Put your best face forward with this dual-purpose phone and fashion accessory. This swivel top mirror provides standard reflection and easily collapses flat, and the base mirror provides 2x magnification for closer looks.

We have successfully seen growth as a brand because we fill a void in the market to enhance the functionality of our beloved phones. PopSockets make grips, mounts, and wallets for your digital devices. Ever since philosophy professor David Barnett made the first PopGrip by gluing two buttons to his phone, it’s been our mission to bring fun into the world. Our headquarters are in Boulder, CO, and we have offices around the world.