Realizing a Fully Connected IoT Society with Amcenna

An integrated IoT society seems to be just around the corner, but several key technological hardware problems still exist before this vision can be fully realized. One challenge in particular is finding antennas that can work reliably in all environments. Traditional antenna, for example, experience a significant performance decline when attached to metal or on wet surface. Many of these technological problems are solved, however, by Kyocera’s Amcenna compact IoT antenna, which will be on display at ShowStoppers @ CES in Las Vegas on January 8th, 2019.

This innovative new IoT antenna can operate in close proximity to metals or on wet surfaces without a decline in signal strength performance, making it perfect for IoT applications related to automotive, wearables and smart factories!

To solve the performance challenge posed when antenna are attached on metal or wet surface, Kyocera R&D focused on creating an innovative new approach to an Artificial Magnetic Conductor (AMC). Whereas traditional solutions have involved using an AMC with a separate antenna to solve the performance challenges on metals or a wet surface, however this method impedes miniaturization. Kyocera team instead discovered a new way, and built a completely new design in which a few cells create an artificial electromagnetic response equivalent to an infinite periodic structure. This new approach helped reduce surface area to 1/60th the size as compared to a prototype antenna using conventional AMC technology. The result is a miniature IoT antenna only slightly wider than the size of a 25 cent coin which can be attached to virtually any surface area and still perform effectively. 

At ShowStoppers, Kyocera will offer an opportunity to experience a futuristic IoT society, one where everyday objects are seamlessly connected to the internet to improve our daily lives. How will your life change when IoT is fully integrated? At a restaurant, for example, you might be drinking a glass of beer equipped with a sensor module to inform restaurant staff of the best time for a drink refill. Or at a factory, performance efficiency will be maximized through IoT modules attached to each individual machine which relay various data back to a central computer for analysis and failure detection.

Kyocera’s Amcenna, an innovative new compact IoT antenna, will greatly expand the possibilities for IoT. For this reason Amcenna took home the prestigious Japanese Minister of Internal Affairs & Communications Award at CEATEC 2018 ― one of Asia’s largest IT and electronics tradeshows. Kyocera will now introduce this technology to the rest of the world at ShowStoppers @ CES. The IoT market continues to expand around us, and with Amcenna it will expand even further!