Recharge Your Outdoor Activities with Jackery Solar

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest cutting-edge product line, the Solar Generator Plus Series. We are introducing two new members: the Solar Generator 1000 Plus, which boasts impressive performance, and the Solar Generator 300 Plus, the SolarGenerator  on your backpack.

The SG 1000 Plus can both fit your need of outdoor life and home back-up. With a capacity of 1.26kWh, it can power a one-day trip effortlessly. Moreover, its expandable capacity of up to 5kWh when connected to 3 battery packs , allows for three days of home backup power, supporting all your essential appliances up to 2000W. You can buy a mainframe and then buy a power-up kit as you need it, which is very convenient for DIY users.

Introducing the ultimate portable SG 300 Plus, a portable power solution that fits right in your backpack, allowing you to take it with you on all your adventures. It is ideal for DIY projects, mobile offices, and short-term power outage emergencies. Moreover, theSolarSaga 40mini solar panels have obtained exclusive certification IEC TS 63163 certification by TÜV, ensures their exceptional quality and performance.

To know more, you can also search for our official website (  or hashtag #jackery #solargenerator #sg1000plus #sg300plus on social media platforms.

To purchase this product, you can visit our official website starting from September 1st. It will also be available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon at the same time.