Respiray Wear A+ offers sweet relief for people suffering from allergies

Anyone struggling with airborne allergies knows how limiting they can be. From persistent itching and irritation to streaming eyes and debilitating breathing issues, everyday particles that most of us barely notice, such as dust, pollen, fungal spores and pet fur, can make life intolerable for some. Common prevention and treatment options like regular cleaning, antihistamines and avoiding allergen sources only limit symptoms and can disrupt daily life – especially if it means less time with our beloved pets. Thankfully, a superior solution is now available.

Respiray Wear A+ is a stylish wearable device that filters out harmful particles, providing users with a constant supply of clean, allergen-free air. The comfortable, lightweight device provides effective protection in any indoor area: testing by SGS USA confirms that the durable, replaceable HEPA filters reduce airborne allergen particles by over 99%. And it’s so easy – users can experience instant relief simply by positioning the strap around their neck and switching the device on. Respiray Wear A+ can operate for 8 hours, taking 1.5 hours to recharge, meaning fewer interruptions to the daily routine and more time for pet snuggles.

Respiray Wear A+ will be available from the beginning of 2023, via Respiray’s Indiegogo campaign page, giving allergy sufferers all over the world a breath of fresh air.

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