Rolling Square’s CES23 Innovation Award winners: InCharge XL, AirCard and TAU2.

The innovative technologies that Rolling Square‘s designers have been able to develop in the past year have won the CES23 innovation award:

inCharge XL is the latest version of Rolling Square’s best-seller inCharge X®. Described as the world’s only 100W 6-in-1 cable that can replace the rat’s nest of cables everyone owns, once and for all. Available in 1ft, 6.5ft and 10ft, it can charge virtually any device at full speed.

TAU 2 is an emergency power bank, so tiny that it can be attached to the keyring. Its capacity is 2000 mAh and it’s chargeable through its dock as well as USB-C integrated (input/output) making it the perfect ally for travel. TAU 2 features a unique proprietary charging system that allows it to magnetically snap to its charging dock and automatically start recharging. It integrates a DUAL connector (Lightning + MicroUSB) and a USB-C connector, making TAU 2 capable of charging every portable device. 

AirCard is the first card-sized tracker and digital business card in the world. It’s an Apple Find My device, so it can leverage a network of billions of devices to locate a lost wallet worldwide. It’s the thinnest device of its kind in the market (2.2mm), the battery lasts up to 30 months, it’s water and dust-resistant, and can play a sound to be located when nearby. 

For Rolling Square less is more even when it comes to sustainability, therefore, all their products are made with the highest quality material to last longer and reduce waste.