Serenio – A global first neutralizing COVID-19 and influenza B

Serenio from Medair Labs LLC is a device that instantly neutralizes COVID-19 and influenza B viruses in the air and on surfaces. Its patented technology generates an invisible cloud of hyper charged electrons that instantly bind with the positively-charged spike proteins on coronaviruses. This binding disables the virus and unable to further spread. Serenio has been tested in BSL-3 labs with the live Sars-Cov-2 virus and has been proven to cause 94.9% reduction in the virus in 15 minutes.

Serenio is not a plasma generator, ionizer, UV/ozone disinfector, or HEPA filter. Additionally, the Serenio device does not use or create any chemicals. The hypercharged electrons emitted by Serenio do not have any harmful effects on human animal, or plant tissue, nor do they cause electromagnetic interference.
Serenio is a plug and play device, and simply plugs into a standard 110v/220v outlet. One device will cover 1000 sq ft of space; a larger space will require multiple devices.

Serenio is manufactured in Solon, OH, and is available for purchase through our website and distributers. One device retails for $3800 and orders for 10 or more devices will qualify for discounts. A 3-year manufacturer warranty is included. There are no ongoing maintenance costs for the device.