ShowStoppers to introduce 25 companies from Japan with new tech for work, home and play to journalists around the world during digital event that streams 7 January

More than 1,000 journalists from 70 countries are already pre-registered

NEW YORK, 5 Jan. 2021 – ShowStoppers® will introduce 25 companies from Japan with new tech for work, home and play to journalists around the world during a digital event that streams Thursday, 7 January, at 11 am EST.

The product launches by the Japanese startups encompass a range of categories – including AI, health, wearables, robotics, IoT, smart home, transportation, blockchain, energy, and space tech, as well as anti-coronavirus technologies.

“We are proud to present an extensive lineup of novel technologies from Japan, all of which have the potential to transform the way people live around the world,” said JETRO Executive Vice President Ichiro Sone. “J-Startup companies’ record turnout for CES 2021 reflects their enthusiasm for using CES as the launching pad to expand their businesses globally. It’s also a testament to the governmental policies that are designed to boost innovation activities.”

One of five episodes of ShowStoppers timed for the new product cycle that begins with the start of the new year and all-digital CES, the episode features startups and companies selected by ShowStoppers partner JETRO,, the Japan External Trade Organization, a Japanese government organization that assists startups in expanding to global markets.

More than 1,000 journalists from 70 countries are already pre-registered to attend the events.

To register as a journalist to attend ShowStoppers TV events, contact Steve Leon,

The digital events build on the success of ShowStoppers TV, a range of online tools and live streaming experiences that ShowStoppers pioneered beginning in April 2020. Each one-hour episode of ShowStoppers TV connects companies with journalists, moving to the digital screen the press events that ShowStoppers has organized and produced for 25 years at CES, IFA, Mobile World Congress, CEATEC, NAB Show and other tradeshows around the world.

Seven companies will make presentations:

  • First Ascent,, introduces ainenne, the first bed lamp type sleep trainer to help your baby sleep in the world. It provides your baby with a comfortable sleep rhythm based on big data about childcare. An alarm function with an LED light mimics sunlight at the recommended wake-up time, because the human circadian rhythm is reset by light. So, parents can wake up their babies at the time they are supposed to be waking up and get into a good rhythm without difficulty.
  • Idein, barriers to expand edge-computing solutions around the world, and introduces the AI platform Actcast, which enables solution vendors/end users to create own IoT system with advanced AI analysis.
  • Kotozna,, is what every hotel needs to operate in a time of pandemic. Kotozna is an in-room, multilingual, contactless, SaaS solution for hotels that breaks language barriers between staff and guests; prevents long queues at hotel lobbies; hinders spread of contagious diseases, overcrowding and unnecessary face-to-face interactions at hotels. It allows staff and guests to chat in their own language using any device, such as their personal smartphones. Its translation accuracy and capacity are superior and patent pending. Exclusively distributed by JTB across Japan.
  • Efficiera from LeapMind,, is a one-chip solution used in combination with existing IP cores to accelerate the market launch of custom devices equipped with AI functions. It provides an energy efficient, low-cost solution for implementation of hardware using only general ASIC methodology, without the need for dedicated cell libraries or low power consumption processing technology.
  • DFree® from Triple W,, is the first wearable device to predict when you need to go to the bathroom. Designed primarily for seniors and people with disability who suffer from loss of bladder control, it continuously monitors your bladder and sends timely notifications to your phone when it’s time to go. As a result, you no longer worry about accidents and have a safe and cost-effective alternative to diapers and medications.
  • MOFLIN from Vanguard Industries,, is an AI Pet created from a totally new concept. It possesses emotional capabilities that evolve like living animals. With its warm soft fur, cute sounds, and adorable movement, you’d want to love it forever. Vanguard took a nature inspired approach and developed a unique algorithm that allows MOFLIN to learn and grow by constantly using its interactions to determine patterns and evaluate its surroundings from its sensors.
  • Yukai Engineering,, will showcase BOCCO emo, a new-generation BOCCO family communication robot with advanced personalization capabilities; Petit Qoobo, a petit-sized tailed cushion that responds to touch and sounds; the create-a-critter robot kit, from the kurikit educational series; and more.

JETRO will also spotlight news and new products from 18 startups. Click here for a digest with company names, product abstracts, web sites, and more.

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