ShowStoppers® TV introduces Taiwan tech – wearable air purifier, karaoke for the car & robots against Covid — in press conference broadcast to journalists worldwide


AUSTIN, TX., USA – 30 Sept. 2020 – Today’s online broadcast of ShowStoppers® TV,, introduced the world’s smallest and only wearable air purifier for kids, karaoke tech for singing in the car, and robots against Covid.

Streaming live, the episode connected four winners of the Taiwan Excellence Awards with tech and tools for work, home and play to technology and business journalists around the globe:

  • Carkit AI – the first car karaoke system with a hands-free, long-range mic that allows drivers and passengers to sing together while socially distancing – with an intuitive, fast, natural, versatile voice assistant that supports Siri and Google Assistant.
  • Ible Technology – the world’s smallest and only wearable air purifier, designed to reduce exposure to pollutants and pollens for kids ages 3 to 10.
  • New Era AI Robotic – smart healthcare solutions for the Covid-19 era — five smart robots that among other things use ultraviolet light to disinfect public areas; protect nurses from infection by talking with patients; and use thermal cameras and facial recognition to detect infections in public spaces.
  • QNAP – a human-centered service robot, KoiBot, that harnesses voice control, facial recognition and real-time translation to reduce physical contact in distance learning, smart healthcare, epidemic prevention, video conferencing and other applications.

The broadcast episodes are online editions of the in-person press events that ShowStoppers organizes at CES, IFA, Mobile World Congress, CEATEC, NAB Show and other tradeshows around the world – the first series of showcase events streaming on the digital screen as a new platform for multiple companies to launch products and services, meet the press, and generate coverage.

Today’s episode of ShowStoppers TV was moderated by Nicole Scott, editor of Scott is “a technology journalist with a passion for the future of mobility. It started with the Netbook and how it changed the way we worked and has evolved to include how technology is changing the way we move. She was based in Taiwan for a decade. A year ago she moved to Germany to be closer to the automotive industry and European mobility scene. She publishes in English and German.”

About ShowStoppers

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