Singing together brings friends, families and love ones closer

It is amazing how smartphones and tablets with high speed data networks have changed the way we live and literally created an entire generation of users who are so different from their parents. We witness how digital connectivity has brought people closer, re-forged lost relationships and, spawned revolutions. Yet as we sit at dinner tables, it is amazing that friends and families are further apart. We are physically close, yet distant and divorced from the moment.

Carkit AI started out to create interfaces for ambient computing. We envision a future inspired by the possibilities of friction-free interaction in ambient user interfaces, and we developed the first generation Roxie as the world’s most responsive Voice Assistant.

This dream has been meaningful but it was another piece of technology that reinforced the separation of relationships. We continued developing Roxie as a Car Karaoke entertainment. We wish people who are riding together in a car to simply have fun singing TOGETHER instead of being immersed in their own world and screen. Families and friends used to sing on road trips, and when they are chilling out, even in KTV pubs. We love to recreate those experiences. One of the challenges we had to overcome was “traditional” karaoke where singers have their own mics. That would be hard to do in a car and unsafe as well. We wish everyone could get into the singing act and hence we created a special handsfree ambient mic that is mounted on the dashboard or center console of the car which allows all the passengers in the car to sing together.

Karaoke in a car is also different and spontaneous. Usually users have to plan to karaoke either at home or in a karaoke studio. Roxie is designed to be instant-on. Sing any time you like. Second, we wanted users to sing to any songs that delights them. Traditional karaoke systems typically have a smaller subset of the entire universe of music, typically in excess of 200,000 but significantly smaller than the millions of songs in existence. Songs for karaoke tends to be behind in release dates. Roxie is created to be sung over any song from any music app on either an iPhone or Android phone and everyone can sing to the latest hits.

This is the story of Roxie and is also the story of us@Carkit AI.