Smarter, the makers of FridgeCam acquire Chefling, the inventory management platform and launch a new device line up with advanced deep learning

Smarter, the British company known for its WI-FI connected kitchen appliances, is on a mission to become the most powerful inventory management platform by using a combination of sensors and artificial intelligence. Today it announces a new line of devices which consist of FridgeCam 2, FridgeCam Pro and the all new FoodCam Mini, a compact camera specifically designed to take a picture inside the Fridge and itemise the contents using deep learning computer vision. The new hardware provides better performance including a three-month battery life (FridgeCam 2) and perfectly compliments the features offered by Chefling, the newly acquired Silicon Valley start-up.

Chefling is a software platform that enables users to choose from a catalogue of carefully selected recipes, meal plan and automatically create grocery lists, via an app. The combined product of Chefling and FridgeCam makes for the most advanced inventory management system available for the consumer kitchen. Chefling’s vast database of food items are now matched with real world images, Smarter’s solution to the industry’s challenge over food image recognition. As an example, the database entry for ‘Milk’ has thousands of real-world crowd sourced annotations attributed to the term, making it extremely accurate in automatically detecting a carton of milk wherever it is in the world. This makes it viable to launch in new territories with the algorithm always learning and reapplying knowledge to future use cases.