Snips to unveil its new edge-based voice solution for Home Appliances designed for (un)connected home at IFA 2019

Snips for Home Appliances is the new edge-based voice solution designed for the smart home, offering seamless integration for home appliances. It is offline, lightweight, and guarantees Privacy by Design for the (un)connected home.

Snips, AI-powered natural language voice recognition interface that runs locally & offline, to launch its first enterprise solution, Snips for Home Appliances, designed for the (un)connected home. Packaging its edge-based voice technology for smart home use cases, Snips is making it possible for brands and OEMs to meet the rapidly growing demand for smart home appliances with voice-integrations that work offline and safeguard user data privacy.

Snips for Home Appliances is the first lightweight and cost-effective voice solution that can be customized to any smart home appliance, with use cases across any type of hardware, from MCU to MPU, and using simple voice commands (e.g., “turn on”, “turn off”, “stop”, “play”, “pause”, etc.) or full natural language (e.g., “what time will the roast be ready?”).

Home appliance brands and OEMs looking to integrate the Snips voice solution will enjoy all the benefits of Snips technology, including on-device and fully offline operability, empowering companies to retain complete control of their brand identity, customer relationships, and end-user data. As a white-label solution, Snips for Home Appliances empowers brands and OEMs to own the voice interaction with their products, including custom wake words. Additionally, companies will benefit from Snips transparent business model, which includes perpetual pricing per device and is BoM-oriented, making budgets predictable compared to traditional cloud providers and their price-per-request models.