Spectee Human-AI Collaboration: Shaping the Future of News Reporting

Spectee, a leading AI data analysis agency that accounts for over 90% of the news and media market in Japan, has launched its global content distribution service in partnership with the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters, alongside with its own platform Spectee.com. Subscribers can now optimize their storytelling by accessing Spectee’s near real-time, fact-checked, and license-cleared social media news content on AP Video Hub, Reuters Connect and Spectee.com. As UGC is growing in importance, the newsroom solution has been adopted by hundreds of news brands, governmental bodies and transport companies in Japan alone, and is now prepared
to extend its international reach.

The future of news reporting is all about speed and accuracy. The company utilizes its patented AI technologies to curate newsworthy content across social media platforms and passes it onto human moderators to verify and clear license – all of which is done within minutes. Such unparalleled speed in the news industry is achieved through deep learning AI that speeds up image and natural language analysis. With technologies like machine dispersion and sentiment judgement, Spectee AI can significantly shorten the time needed for UGC aggregation, turning social media users around the world into 24/7 newsgatherers. Human fact checkers then verify the content and clear license issues with social media users to ensure a seamless and reliable source of the latest stories.

Spectee has been repeatedly awarded “Best of Partner Videos” by the internationally renowned news network AP. Its content has been brought to audience worldwide on news media like CNN, New York Times, and The Telegraph. Where there is a story Spectee will take you.