StoryPhones – Disney Collaboration on Screen-free Storytelling Headphones for Kids

StoryPhones from are storytelling headphones that provide engaging screen-free entertainment for kids that will increase their imagination, improve literacy, and better their health. Place a StoryShield disc onto the StoryPhones and it will automatically download the content from the Cloud onto the headphones. Once a story is stored in the headphones, it can be played over and over without internet connection. The StoryShield offers access to an ever growing library of content; stories, music and more from top storytellers such as Disney, Sony Music and Pinna, available in 5 languages.

Our PlayShield offers loved ones the option of recording their own stories, songs or messages in their own voice via our mobile app. A wonderful way to stay connected with loved ones far away, and to preserve and pass on traditional childhood fables, family stories and memories to the next generation. You can even select your own photo or create artwork to be printed on the shield for an extra personal touch.

Furthermore, our ZenShield offers unique content to help children calm down, unwind and even help them fall asleep with 6 unique and relaxing sound profiles. The shield includes a collection of pink noises, from soft piano to gentle ocean waves, relaxing rain drops and the original and exclusive RoRo Sound.

StoryPhones will be available first at European retailers and in September 2022 for €99. StoryShields will be priced from €7.99 to €14.99. #storyphones