SUNNYBAG provides 154 Megawatt of clean solar-energy for smartphones worldwide – production increasing highly

Why not use renewable energy to charge your smartphone? Wouldn’t it be nice to make mobile technology eco-friendlier? SUNNYBAG offers solar chargers that are not only highly efficient and user-friendly, but also come as fashionable backpacks or ultra-light outdoor solar panels.

At SUNNYBAG, we believe that independent, eco-friendly and mobile energy supply is the future.  That’s why every SUNNYBAG product is equipped with the strongest solar cells on the market. Our cells have 22.4% efficiency and ensure that every end device is optimally supplied with solar energy.

To guarantee highest quality standards, SUNNYBAG tests and certifies every single solar panel before shipping. The certificate shows that the panel has achieved the specified performance and is enclosed with every product.

For your daily routines in the city center the Sunnybag ICONIC solar backpack has a solar panel directly integrated into the front of the backpack. The 7 Watt solar panel actually works as a major design element and gives this backpack its unique look/appearance. With a volume of 20 liters it not only carries and organizes all your stuff, it also charges your devices with solar energy on the go.

SUNNYBAG’s most recent development is called Sunnybag LEAF PRO. With 7.5 Watts power, this solar charger is the most powerful SUNNYBAG product ever and is also considered the world’s strongest flexible outdoor solar charger. It was designed for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, skiing or cycling – and it ticks all the boxes: ultra-light, thin and flexible, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy to attach to any backpack with the supplied fastening gear.

The Sunnybag LEAF PRO won the award in the category “Energy and Light” at the world’s biggest outdoor show, ISPO Munich in Germany.

Our mission is to support a modern and digital lifestyle by providing intelligent, mobile and eco-friendly energy supply using solar power. The concept is very simple: solar panels convert solar energy into electric energy. Mobile devices can be connected and charged via the USB port. In direct sunlight and with perfect alignment to the sun, smartphones can be fully charged in 2-3 hours, depending on the model. Just think about the endless possibilities of solar charging. From charging a powerbank while strolling through the city, to recharging your drone or GPS-device on a long hike, or charging your smartphone while chilling in the park – anything is possible with SUNNYBAG products. And the best part is – you get to enjoy an independent lifestyle and will never have to worry about empty batteries again.