Swedish screen protection brand Copter launches its Exoglass Applicator @ IFA 2019

  • Swedish Copter has been a leading brand for screen protection in the Nordics for the last 10 years and is  launching its Exoglass Applicator machine at IFA 2019 designed and engineered in Sweden.
  • Copter has been through a process of renewal and is now relaunching itself at IFA2019.
  • Copter is presenting the Copter Glass Applicator at IFA 2019, designed and engineered in Sweden, with patent pending. Revealed for the first time at ShowStoppers Sept 5th.
  • Copter have screen protection solutions for almost all smartphones and tablets on the market and have its own factory located in Sweden.
  • The Copter packaging is made with FSC-certified paper and is packed in Sweden to avoid excess shipping of packaging from Asia. Therefore, we can reduce shipping space with more than 90% compared to other screen protection brands on the market.

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