Huenit introduces hand-drip coffee barista robot

HUENIT is developing a system for F&B services as well as educational services. The first product is HUENIT Barista.

HUENIT barista robot, created by the convergence of robotics, high-precision sensors, and AI technologies, offers the best coffee experience.

HUENIT recognizes and greets customers’ faces – communicates with customers through AI cameras. Now efficiently manage recipes suitable for beans with a convenient recipe management system. HUENIT recognizes the type of coffee beans and automatically selects the best hand drip recipe.

Customizable Color

HUENIT barista provides color customization service to match any space. Customers can choose a custom color for your cafe.

Huenit introduces software and AI educational robotic arm


HUENIT is an easy-to-use, multi-functional, high-precision AI modular robot arm for Maker and STEAM education. HUENIT supports AI vision, laser engraving, 3D printing, robotic gripper, writing and drawing functions, and also has a customizable module. HUENIT supports various development environments such as visual programming (block based coding), Python, and Arduino (C++) programming. In addition, you can learn and experience the entire process of artificial intelligence training using Tensorflow. (AI accelerator (NPU) is built into the HUENIT camera module) All functions can be easily learned and utilized by beginners through the HUENIT SW platform.

Asilla introduces AI security system

Asilla“Asilla,” the AI security system, can detect people’s abnormal behaviors through the security camera. When it detects them, it can notify other devices or systems. This product can take the 24/7 monitoring work on behalf of the security guards to notice the situation with even higher performance.

Asila2Although security cameras are equipped in many places, they are mainly used for recording purposes. It is nearly impossible for humans to monitor all the cameras, to prevent crimes and accidents at once. Therefore, our product can support you to get better quality of security in your facilities.

As a feature of Asilla, few days of self-learning makes the AI model understand normal behaviors at the location, and can detect abnormal actions which the AI model has never seen before. Asilla can create an optimized AI model for that area, and prevent incidents and accidents.

Moreover, Asilla can be used with the surveillance cameras that have already been installed. So no need to worry about huge initial cost and time for installation. A single server processes up to 80 cameras streaming so that our system can be used in places with a large number of cameras.

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