Asilla AI turns security cameras into smart 24/7 surveillance system

Asillla Inc., a human-centric AI startup company in Japan, announces its attendance at Consumer Electronic Show (CES), specifically at the J-Startup section in Eureka park, Sands Expo; at ShowStoppers LaunchIt, and at ShowStoppers.

Asilla will have a pop-up booth that displays its signature product, abnormal behavior detection AI “Asilla.”  Asilla” is an AI software that turns ordinary security cameras into a smart 24/7 surveillance system, enabling security staff to notice unusual events and respond to potential security threats promptly.

Asilla serves as a cost-effective solution for those who need a full-scale security camera system. Asilla’s able to accommodate 50 cameras per server, coupled with its compatibility with current existing cameras and video monitoring systems, reducing hardware costs for setting up a system significantly. 

Asilla’s most unique characteristic is its ability to observe the common behavioral patterns of a specific location and then use this data to identify unusual and potentially dangerous activities outside of this established norm. While other AI security programs use these cameras to identify predefined set movements or objects that have been flagged as potentially hazardous, Asilla’s unique patented software allows more situational awareness.

Currently “Asilla” is only available in Japan and Vietnam, but we are keen to explore business opportunities in other countries. 

Asilla introduces AI security system

Asilla“Asilla,” the AI security system, can detect people’s abnormal behaviors through the security camera. When it detects them, it can notify other devices or systems. This product can take the 24/7 monitoring work on behalf of the security guards to notice the situation with even higher performance.

Asila2Although security cameras are equipped in many places, they are mainly used for recording purposes. It is nearly impossible for humans to monitor all the cameras, to prevent crimes and accidents at once. Therefore, our product can support you to get better quality of security in your facilities.

As a feature of Asilla, few days of self-learning makes the AI model understand normal behaviors at the location, and can detect abnormal actions which the AI model has never seen before. Asilla can create an optimized AI model for that area, and prevent incidents and accidents.

Moreover, Asilla can be used with the surveillance cameras that have already been installed. So no need to worry about huge initial cost and time for installation. A single server processes up to 80 cameras streaming so that our system can be used in places with a large number of cameras.

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