beyerdynamic gets to take a great journey across the stages of the world, through studios in large cities, and directly into the ears of music lovers

When music history is written, beyerdynamic is there. We feel at home wherever acoustics, sound and music are created, produced and celebrated. As beyerdynamic we are proud that our products are much more than just the sum of their parts. They are reliable tools for professionals, a source of inspiration for creators and loyal companions for music lovers. The beyerdynamic manufacturing process and the dynamic sound personalization make them as unique as their users. Therefore, it goes without saying that a beyerdynamic product always becomes “your beyerdynamic.”

beyerdynamic Raises the Bar for Every Application of Consumer Audio

beyerdynamic will emphasize products featuring MOSAYC sound personalization by Mimi Defined™, a unique, innovative technology that tailors a set of headphones to the listener’s individual needs by assessing their hearing and adapting to the results. beyerdynamic will showcase the LAGOON ANC, featuring customized sound and active noise cancelling; new gaming headphones, TYGR 300 R with USB microphone FOX; and BYRDLAND family, covering more compact designs.

beyerdynamic’s LAGOON ANC revolutionizes wireless audio with the unique combination of robust active noise cancellation technology matched with versatile MOSAYC sound personalization. Meanwhile, beyerdynamic’s TYGR 300 R is the ultimate gaming headphone with adjustable yokes and a spring steel headband to adapt to any head size. Paired with the TYGR 300 R, the FOX Professional USB Studio Microphone creates a breathtaking gaming experience.

beyerdynamic’s Soul BYRD, included in the BYRDLAND family, is a multi-functional, robust headset with extra flat in-ear design and powerful sound spectrum. The ergonomically shaped housing creates a secure and snug in-ear fit and, combined with the flat shaped housing, the in-ear headset is ideal for relaxing or sleeping without any discomfort. The Soul BYRD, along with the entire BYRDLAND family, will be showcased in South Hall 1 – 20654 during CES 2019 in Las Vegas from January 8 – 11, 2019.