myAir Smart-Food Leverages AI for Stress Relief Through Functional, Personalized Nutrition

Food tech startup, myAir, today announces the launch of “myAir Insights,” a breakthrough platform delivering personalized stress insights based on each user’s physiological data and cognitive state, enabling personalized mind and body solutions for stress-relief. This smart solution combines functional, plant-based nutrition with data-driven technology to create a stress management system that is unique to each user’s behavioral signature.

The most effective way to manage stress is using personalized data from your mind and body. myAir Insights connects to a wearable activity tracker or smartwatch and collects 80,000 data points per day including heart rate variability, sleep quality, energy levels and stress patterns. The platform also collects cognitive data based on a validated psychological questionnaire to analyze and create the user’s mind and body profile.

Based on an individual’s profile, myAir Insights develops a personalized dashboard empowering everyone with tailored insights, tools, and behavioral challenges needed to manage their stress naturally. This includes a suggested mix of myAir super plant bars and insights that educate, motivate, and inspire you to achieve the goals you’ve set while tracking your progress. It is the first personalized, data-driven platform that empowers you to manage stress with a dynamic feedback loop.

GAF Energy launches game-changing solar roof to power mass adoption of clean energy

GAF Energy, a Standard Industries company and a leading provider of solar roofing in North America, announced the launch of Timberline Solar™, the only roof system to truly integrate solar technology into traditional roofing processes and materials. This new system incorporates the world’s first nailable solar shingle, the Timberline Solar Energy Shingle™ (ES), which, as part of an easy-to-install and high-performance roofing system, has the potential to drive a seismic shift in residential clean energy adoption.

The Timberline Solar™ system is durable, cost-effective and created for the modern, design-minded homeowner. As part of Timberline Solar, the system’s Energy Shingles boast an industry-defying depth of less than a quarter inch to create a sleek and attractive look, setting it in a class of its own.

The Timberline Solar ES™ has received three awards from CES, including its highest honor, the Best of Innovation award, for “Smart Cities”. The product was also named an Innovation Award honoree in both the “Smart Cities” and “Smart Home” categories. In addition, the Consumer Technology Association awarded GAF Energy’s innovative system the Mark of Excellence Award for “Emerging Home Technologies.”

Homeowners interested in solar roofing options and roofers interested in installing GAF Energy products can find out more at:

Please see HERE for a press release and HERE for photos/videos.

StoryPhones – Disney Collaboration on Screen-free Storytelling Headphones for Kids

StoryPhones are storytelling headphones that provide engaging screen-free entertainment for kids that will increase their imagination, improve literacy, and better their health. Place a StoryShield disc onto the StoryPhones and it will automatically download the content from the Cloud onto the headphones. Once a story is stored in the headphones, it can be played over and over without internet connection. The StoryShield offers access to an ever growing library of content; stories, music and more from top storytellers such as Disney, available in 5 languages.

Our PlayShield offers loved ones the option of recording their own stories, songs or messages in their own voice via our mobile app. A wonderful way to stay connected with loved ones far away, and to preserve and pass on traditional childhood fables, family stories and memories to the next generation. You can even select your own photo or create artwork to be printed on the shield for an extra personal touch.

Furthermore, our ZenShield offers unique content to help children calm down, unwind, and even help them fall asleep with 6 unique and relaxing sound profiles. The shield includes a collection of pink noises, from soft piano to gentle ocean waves, relaxing rain drops and the original and exclusive RoRo Sound. StoryPhones will be available first at European retailers and in January 2022 for €99. StoryShields will be priced from €7.99 to €14.99.

eMed, Market Leader in Test Verification Technology, Takes the Stage at Consumer Electronics Show

eMed, the most trusted platform for test verification services in America, will be joining the tech community at ShowStoppers and CES in Las Vegas, NV. eMed CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Patrice Harris will take the stage on Thursday, January 6, to discuss how the eMed platform has enabled millions of passengers, employers and students to travel and to return and stay at work and school.

eMed’s enables people to know, to go and to treat. The eMed platform provides:

  • eMed observed and verified at-home testing with results in just minutes via a digital lab report. The eMed digital lab report serves as official proof of negative or positive results to carry on with life’s activities.
  • Live virtual supervision by telehealth proctors available 24/7, 365.
  • Automated result transmitted to public health agencies and partner portals.
  • Expedited diagnosis enabling quick access to treatment.

The eMed process is FDA authorized, CDC accepted and OSHA, HIPAA and HL7 compliant.

eMed will be available for media interviews throughout the event. Additionally, eMed will host media, customers and partners at its Exhibitor Suite at the Encore.

What:              eMed participation and media availability at CES.

eMed launching new testing capability for antivirals.

Who:               eMed CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Patrice Harris.

When:             Wednesday – Thursday, January 5-6.

Where:            Exhibitor Suite at Wynn Encore (3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109).

ShowStoppers, January 5, 6-10 pm, Wynn, Cristal Ballroom.


Opteev introduces virus detection device, breath analyzer

Opteev announced that the final analysis of its COVID-19 detection device, ViraWarn, showed near 100% efficacy at instantly detecting COVID-19 in the air. After a month long independent study with live SARS-CoV-2, lab data provided by a National Institutes of Health (NIH)-supported laboratory supports Opteev’s ViraWarn device can instantly detect COVID-19 as well as Omicron and all COVID-19 variants. ViraWarn detection technology will be available as an instant COVID-19 detection device, Liberty by ViraWarn, which will be similar to a smoke detector but for COVID-19. It will also be available as a COVID-19 breath analyzer, Freedom by ViraWarn, which will provide a way to instantly test for COVID-19 simply by blowing into a small personal device.

Opteev will be announcing its full line of products at Showstoppers @ CES, which will include personal diagnostic breath analysis devices as well as room monitoring devices to ebb the flow of the pandemic.

ViraWarn will be a game-changer in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. No more painful irritating swabs, no more waiting for results…people can instantly screen themselves before entering a group gathering or after leaving a restaurant or public space. Our ViraWarn technology will finally create a return to normalcy in society and save countless lives in the process.

Please check out our press kit google drive here:

Air-ClenzT Computer Monitor Captures and Cleans Workplace Air Quickly, Effectively

Air-Clenz Systems™ is launching an innovative ventilation system for desktop computer monitors and laptops to improve indoor air quality, creating healthier and more productive workplaces at Show Stoppers during CES.

The Air-Clenz Computer Monitor and Laptop System addresses the needs of employers who want to create the safest work environment possible as employees return to their offices in 2022.

This proprietary system and approach allow for the capture and cleaning of 95+% of a person’s exhaled air, as well as room air, while sitting in front of their computer monitor or laptop. It cleans the air to a 99.97% level free of viruses such as COVID, variants, Influenza, the common cold, as well as pollution. Computer monitors and laptops are located perfectly for the quick capture and cleaning of exhaled air.

The Air-Clenz technology is being licensed to manufacturers of monitors, laptops, and air purifiers. This innovative breakthrough can be added in the manufacturing process or retrofitted afterwards to pre-existing monitors. It pays for itself by the reduction of one sick day.

Introducing CO2 and PIR Ceiling Sensors – A Complete Sensor Suite

Disruptive Technologies (DT) is launching two new sensors, Co2 and PIR. Now with seven sensors, DT offers a much needed IoT one-stop-shop for safe, smart and sustainable offices.

The new Wireless CO2 Sensor uses ultra-low power NDIR sensor technology, features temperature and humidity for optimizing air quality data and supports demand-controlled ventilation. This ensures healthy air and optimizes energy use. This will help businesses reach their sustainability objectives, and improve employee productivity by creating a healthier environment for everyone.

The new Wireless PIR Ceiling Sensor uses a quad-element PIR detection method and detects the presence of people to allow occupancy monitoring, enable heatmaps and understand space utilization. This will allow businesses to predict usage, and adjust and optimize resources accordingly.

Both sensors have been designed to deliver a 10-year battery life, with replaceable batteries and a long wireless range (150 meters indoors).

DT is providing all the data points needed, and together with partners, are solving real problems within Commercial Real Estate globally. Energy efficiency and sustainability, workplace health and wellbeing, desk occupancy, smart cleaning, feedback and service, and more. These new sensors allow for more data points to continue to build great solutions.

C02 and PIR sensors available: Q2 2022. USD199 and 59 respectively.

Learn more at

“mui Platform” can turn any IoT devices and systems into “calmer” ones

mui platformWhat is mui Platform?

Our “mui Platform” can turn any IoT devices and systems into “calmer” ones. Modern devices are synonymous with distraction and information overload, forcing users to crouch over smart screens. Our proprietary technologies and design techniques enable companies to create products—be it a display, speaker or cloud system—that are comfortable and intuitive to use. Users can receive only necessary information in an effortless manner. We use technologies to enable people to live even more humanly than they already do. Focusing on natural materials like wood, the platform promotes designs that blend seamlessly into the aesthetics of home living spaces.

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mui asset

Make every online communication personal

We analyze online communication movie data like Zoom by multimodal AI and visualize what happens in your organization every day (or real time). So we can predict churn / lost order / mental illness will happen in your organization. By dealing with these signals properly, you can create a continuous improvement cycle of human communication.

I’mbesideyou Inc. is the one and only startup specializing in online communication AI analytics from Japan.

We’ve been awarded in several global competitions such as 1st prize at Global Final of SDGs Innovation Hub Business Contest 2021, 1st prize winner at Entrepreneurship World Cup the Japan Final, Top 20 finalist from 7,500 companies at Slingshot 2020, and so on and so forth. We’ve also obtained 109 international patents since July 2020.

We analyze online communication movie data like Zoom by multimodal AI and visualize what happens in your organization every day (or real time). So we can predict churn / lost order / mental illness will happen in your organization. By dealing with these signals properly, you can create a continuous improvement cycle of human communication.

Pozio embraces privacy for smartphones, smart speakers

Pozio showcases two exciting product lines that allow people to embrace smartphone and smart speaker assistants while providing greater control over their privacy. Pozio products feature proprietary listening blocker technology to block smart devices from eavesdropping on conversations, and also prevent annoying wake word false triggers.

Pozio Cradle – Use your smartphone when you want, block it from listening when you don’t. The Cradle listening blocker cradle wirelessly charges your phone and prevents it from eavesdropping or unintentionally activating the smart assistant. Pozio Shield: Use your smart speaker when you want, block it from listening when you don’t. Shield’s listening blocker prevents your smart speaker from eavesdropping on your conversations and from accidentally triggering.

Founded with a goal of helping people take back their privacy when using smart assistant devices. Pozio products allow people to use smart devices as intended while providing peace of mind that their activities are not being perpetually monitored. Secure and totally private by design, Pozio devices are simple to set up, do not require an internet connection and never record or store user data.