Why using wood is important?

Dongnam Realize produces thermosoftening wood material, CXP wood. It contains 70% wood and no plastics in it. It’s not harmful for human when used, broken, or decomposed. We carefully select our mineral pigments that human can eat.  What’s amazing about CXP material is injectable and extrudable without plastic resins. But what’s really important about using CXP wood, is this is actually helpful for the environment.

Nowadays, reducing carbon emission is very important tasks for every industry. One of the source that absorbs carbon dioxide is forest. CXP material, with PEFC certification, helps to make sustainable forest that can reduce more CO2, and trees grow up better. Our mission is to make carboniferous period again – which has plenty of living creatures, with high oxygen proportion. We believe that every economic agents contribute to make sustainable forest, then it’s not just a dream to make prosperity of the environment. It’s not a dream, we can actually make it with our material.

Using CXP replaces fossil plastics and helps forest more greener, so you can reduce CO2 emission in a 2 ways: we suggest that you can achieve net-minus by using it! You can be a team, with existing machine, and mold. So it’s very easy to be with forest, just simply change material to CXP wood!

Look for more information in and purchase sample materials from us. We’re now working on making local distributors everywhere, you can check CXP’s possibility now!