We want to connect dancing talents from all over the world

We are iNSYNC. It’s a new way of communicating in dance. We are using AI technology called pose estimation,
which doesn’t require motion capture. You just need your smartphone.  

The dance trainer sends to a student a dance movie with their posture data, and then the Student practices with apps like KARAOKE. Training like a game. AI supports the student on behalf of the teacher. After copying the trainer’s move, the student requests personal feedback and trainer will resend personal feedback to them.  

With a 40 million market, and also a much loved physical activity category, the main way for dance trainers
to earn money has been to teach face-to-face in classrooms and in-person, but iNSYNC allows teachers to earn money
by communicating with their fans wherever they are in the world, taking out regional limitations. We will start with the area of dance.

And in the future, we would like to offer physical movement methods for children and physical movements that
are effective for mental health as needed.