Your Personal Bodyguard in The Palm of Your Hand


SOLO Secure is a holistic digital security platform that provides users with the ability to proactively navigate day-to-day personal security risks, and assists public safety professionals by improving operational efficiency and driving quicker, more coordinated responses through real-time ground-zero data and AI-driven situational awareness analytics.

At the center of this digital infrastructure is the multi-functional SOLO Secure app, which serves as both a gateway and interface to the complete SOLO Secure user experience. In addition to user settings and device options, the app delivers a one-stop destination for self-defense education, personal empowerment videos and literature, as well as access to the SOLO Secure user community. Security features provided through the app are childproof and can prevent defense tools being used against the device owner. Once ignited, the app informs emergency services and pre-designated family members and can even summon drone assistance- making SOLO Secure the world’s leading technology platform dedicated to on-the-go safety and self-defense.

SOLO Secure’s latest hardware device, the SOLO Backpacker, is a hard-shell smartphone case that opens and provides access only with fingerprint or face ID biometrics via the SOLO Secure app. The Backpacker retails for $79.00 and is currently available for pre-order at