Unistellar – The Universe Awaits

For years, pros and consumers alike have questioned just how big our universe is and what lies beyond it. With time, new methods have been introduced for how we view and observe space, leading to new discoveries. Yet, much is still left unexplored that pros alone don’t have the time or equipment to support. 

With Unistellar’s suite of powerful, easy-to-use smart telescopes, like our CES award-winning eVscope and eQuinox, however, we’ve broken barriers to bring the wonders of the universe to life in seconds to 10,000+ people throughout the world regardless of their astronomy knowledge. Using our mobile app and automated features, users browse a catalog of 5,000+ celestial objects, selecting from those visible to them based on a database of coordinates and the telescope’s GPS. Once selected, Unistellar’s smart telescopes use Autonomous Field Detection to automatically pinpoint, focus and track the object.

Due to our innovations in smart telescopes, anyone with a passion and curiosity for space can now co-author groundbreaking scientific research via our Citizen Science Network, which is supported by partnerships with NASA and the SETI Institute. In sharing data and insights from our network with professional astronomers, we can fast-track the development of predictions and models for the future to better understand how our world works.