Enhancing Front Door Security with Gate Labs

Gate Labs makes the world’s first and only all-in-one video smart lock, combining its smart lock with video and voice capabilities to become the digital doorman for today’s homeowner. It allows anyone to conveniently manage access to their home from anywhere through an easy-to-use app and provides peace of mind to people who are looking for an easy solution to home security.

The Gate Labs Video Smart Lock seamlessly fits in with busy lives and makes front door management convenient and reliable. It allows users to grant temporary or permanent access right from their phone with a PIN code for easy entry, offers real-time video and two-way audio, remote lock and unlock, instant alerts and much more. The Gate Labs video smart lock also takes home security one step further by allowing customers to call for immediate access to emergency help from anywhere, rather than just seeing what is happening at their door.

All Gate Labs locks come equipped with a basic plan that offers notifications, live video streaming, two-way audio, remote lock and unlock, guest PIN codes, an unlimited number of app admin accounts and access to the lock’s video history and video sharing for up to 4 hours. Gate Labs also offers two subscription plans for added capabilities and security. For an additional $4.99 a month, Gate’s Premier Plan offers all of the features of the basic package with the addition of unlimited scheduled access, access to video history and video sharing for 5 days. For $7.99 a month, Gate’s Premier Plus plan offers access to an emergency dispatch service so homeowners can call for assistance immediately no matter where they are, and access to video history and video sharing is extended to 60 days. In 2020, Gate Labs will be announcing new features for each of its tiered options – giving consumers even more capabilities at every level.

Whether you’re a parent letting your child in as they arrive home from school, a homeowner granting temporary access for a delivery, or managing guests at a short-term rental property, the Gate Labs Video Smart Lock gives you everything you need to manage your front door from anywhere.