Disruptive Diabetic Management Solution: Glutrac – a Smartwatch features Non-invasive Continuous Glucose Monitoring!

For people with diabetes, it is necessary to have regular glucose monitoring in their daily routine to prevent imminent hypoglycaemia (low level of blood sugar) and hyperglycaemia (high level of blood sugar) events, which can lead to further complications. Conventionally, to perform a blood sugar testing at home would mean to either draw a small drop of blood by pricking fingers or implant a thin lancet under the skin. All these methods are invasive, painful, troublesome, time-consuming, and often costly. The non-invasive glucose monitoring technology overcomes these limitations.

After six years of scientific research and clinical trials by scientists and medical experts, we developed the non-invasive glucose monitoring solution that represents a crossover of multiple disciplines including physics, optics, bioengineering, signal processing and AI algorithms, navigating the technical challenges that have plagued the industry for over twenty years. Through innovative integration of interdisciplinary technologies, this ground-breaking solution marks a new milestone in non-invasive monitoring.

At ShowStopper CES 2020, Add Care Limited proudly introduces Glutrac®, an all-rounder that provides continuous monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen level, respiratory rate, etc. in addition to Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitoring (NICGM). It also comes with a mobile app that offers a full range of services such as

  • Continuous Glucose Report
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Diabetes coaching services
  • Customized diet and exercise plan
  • Prevention and monitoring of chronic diseases
  • Emergency responses and data anomaly alerts
  • Sub-health improvement plan

making it an easy, safe, accessible, and reliable solution to daily health monitoring and diabetes management.

Together with hospitals and doctors around the globe, we will have Glutrac® trailed among people of different colours in different environments and scenarios, and embrace the power of AI and big data to bring the accuracy of such non-invasive technology to new heights. The results will provide valuable reference for medical and scientific researches on chronic diseases like diabetes, benefiting diabetics worldwide.

Glutrac® – truly a personalised glucose guardian and health companion!