Revolutionizing Off-Grid Living: Jackery Unveils Innovative Solar Solutions

Solar Mars

Solar Generator for Rooftop Tent

In a world evolving towards sustainable practices, technological strides from Jackery continue to redefine how we harness energy. At the forefront of this movement stands our award-winning Solar Mars Bot, lauded by TIME as one of the Best Inventions of 2023.

600W Solar Wings of the Bot: Featuring a space-efficient telescopic design, these wings unfold to offer a remarkable 25% solar conversion efficiency. Easy setup and extreme environment resistance make them ideal for harsh conditions.

Jackery Solar Generators: From the Rooftop Tent model to the Complete Plus Series, our solar generators cater to diverse scenarios–outdoor adventures, rescues, and professional work settings. These solar generators are the cornerstone of portable power solutions.

Jackery Solar Generator for Rooftop Tent: Imagine a zero-carbon overlanding home – equipped with a rooftop tent adorned by 1000W solar panels and a 1264Wh portable power station. But it’s not just about power; it’s about comfort. Memory foam mattresses, customizable lighting, and blackout-ready, breathable fabric elevate your experience.

In essence, our showcase exemplifies a new era of sustainable and self-sufficient living. These solar solutions aren’t merely devices; they’re gateways to a future where energy meets innovation, convenience, and environmental consciousness.

Together, let’s power the way forward towards a greener, more sustainable world.

Recharge Your Outdoor Activities with Jackery Solar

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest cutting-edge product line, the Solar Generator Plus Series. We are introducing two new members: the Solar Generator 1000 Plus, which boasts impressive performance, and the Solar Generator 300 Plus, the SolarGenerator  on your backpack.

The SG 1000 Plus can both fit your need of outdoor life and home back-up. With a capacity of 1.26kWh, it can power a one-day trip effortlessly. Moreover, its expandable capacity of up to 5kWh when connected to 3 battery packs , allows for three days of home backup power, supporting all your essential appliances up to 2000W. You can buy a mainframe and then buy a power-up kit as you need it, which is very convenient for DIY users.

Introducing the ultimate portable SG 300 Plus, a portable power solution that fits right in your backpack, allowing you to take it with you on all your adventures. It is ideal for DIY projects, mobile offices, and short-term power outage emergencies. Moreover, theSolarSaga 40mini solar panels have obtained exclusive certification IEC TS 63163 certification by TÜV, ensures their exceptional quality and performance.

To know more, you can also search for our official website (  or hashtag #jackery #solargenerator #sg1000plus #sg300plus on social media platforms.

To purchase this product, you can visit our official website starting from September 1st. It will also be available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon at the same time.

Jackery: The highly anticipated 1500 Pro and 3000 Pro

Solar Generator 1500 Pro and 3000 Pro are new additions to Jackery’s high-end solar charging family.

1500 Pro features 1512Wh and is ideal for entry-level outdoor enthusiasts. 3000 Pro features large capacity at 3024Wh and can power up 99% of your appliances. 1500 Pro can be solar charged or wall charged fully in 2 hours with 6 SolarSaga 200W panels. 3000 Pro can be solar charged in 3.5 hours with 6 SolarSaga 200W panels. It also has multiple sensors to intelligently monitor the cell temperature and combines Bluetooth and WiFi to communicate with your device in real-time. Both have superior cooling system, Battery Management System that offers 12 forms of protection to cover all kinds of unexpected scenarios and advanced solar cells ( IBC technology) maximizing solar conversion efficiency up to 25%. They are also UL 94V-0 standard (highest fire-retardant ratings). 1500 Pro has foldable handles making it easy to carry and store. 3000 Pro has double wheels and a pull rod, the lightest and most compact in its class.

1500 Pro is $1699, available in the US, Japan, Germany and Korea, since the beginning of February, mainly through on-line channels including Jackery’s offical website and Amazon. 3000 Pro is $2999, available in the US and Germany, starting from March, through online channels including Jackery’s official website and Amazon, also available offline at Home Depot, Lowes, COSTCO etc. More information please visit

Jackery to Debut its Fastest Solar Generator at IFA 2022

The new Solar Generator 1000 Pro which features 1,002 Watt-hour capacity is Jackery’s most-advanced and cost-effective green energy product.  It can be fully charged with four SolarSaga 200W solar panels in under 1.8 hours. It is fully upgraded from the Solar Generator 1000 – Jackery’s most popular product. It consists of two components: the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro power station, storing electrical power converted by the solar panels and four SolarSaga 200W solar panels which collect solar energy from direct sunlight.

The Jackery Solar Generator features zero emissions and noises, boosted power capacity and the fastest clean energy capture in a user-friendly design, which powers up to 99% of appliances outdoors. The product has a built-in advanced Battery Management System (BMS) ™ with four temperature core detectors to regulate and protect battery life and devices, ensuring enhanced safety and reliability. What’s more, industry-leading high-temperature protection settings , upgraded heat dissipation system and UL 94V-0 standard (highest fire-retardant ratings) deliver safe and reliable energy.

E1000Pro 1399 €;  SG1000Pro (4*200W) 3999 €;  SG1000Pro (2*80W) 1799 €

Available in store at authorized partners primarily on Amazon

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Jackery explores portable power stations

We made a daring prediction 10 years ago, that the power bank would be the best solution to the issue of power shortage with mobile phones. Subsequently, Shen Zhen Hello Tech Energy created Jackery brand and have been taking the lead in the portable power industry ever since.

However, as people’s lifestyles are rapidly evolving, power banks could hardly meet the demand of consumers’ increasing hunger for power supply when enjoying their outdoor living. So we created and launched a new series of product-portable power station, which can provide unimaginably enormous amount of ubiquitous power supply for outdoor purpose.

With our persistent innovations and striving for perfection, we believe that our portable power stations will significantly enhance consumers’ experiences with their outdoor life.

Explorer Series-Portable Power Station

You live on your own terms, using technology to go outdoors and stay connected. This requires a plenty of power.

As a pioneer in the industry of portable power, Jackery understood mobile lifestyles would require outdoor portable power supply, whenever you live off the grid or stay outdoors.

Our latest Explorer series, with powerful DC/AC output, compact and lightweight, mainly designed for outdoor purpose, compatible with solar power, can generate sustainable endless clean energy for wonderful outdoor life experiences.