Kotozna introduces live concierge in 109 languages


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Kotozna develops multilingual, SaaS communication tools for 3-5-star hotels enhancing their pre-travel, concierge and in-room services.

“Kotozna In-room,” designed to help hotels/inns communicate with guests, and “Kotozna Live Chat,” intended for businesses to reach global clients, break language barriers and help businesses understand their customers’ needs and strengthen business strategies.

As SaaS products, installation and onboarding are quick and easy.

Our SaaS tools cross translate over 109 languages at 20-30% more accurate than Google Translate or Microsoft Bing and this is how we help hotels communicate better with their guests, cut costs, increase staff efficiency and productivity, and improve guest experience over all.

Our client base has been growing and our presence in Japan has never been stronger with more than 200 hotel clients. And we have started to expand our business beyond Japan. Currently, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is implementing our multilingual live chat.

Our goal: Break language barriers. We provide cost-effective SaaS solutions so businesses can tackle business challenges brought about by the pandemic and language barriers. Kotozna, Inc. started out in Japan, empowering local economies through virtual and language barrier-free communication. And now we are expanding globally to address relevant business challenges.

Kotozna breaks language barriers for hotels in pandemic

The language barrier is a predominant problem that both hotel staff and guests constantly face. It creates a feeling of discomfort, hampers understanding, and leads to poor guest experience. Click here.

An even more pressing concern confronting everyone today is how hotels can accommodate guests during a pandemic. We need to digitize and avert overcrowding, long queues, and face-to-face interactions at all costs to prevent spread of contagious diseases. Click here.

Kotozna In-room improves guest-staff communication and relations, increases productivity and enhances hygiene and safety.

Kotozna: We break language barriers for a different guest experience

Kotozna Chat In-room by Kotozna, Inc. is a very timely, innovative product that will fundamentally change the way hotels work.

Hotel phones become obsolete as they become replaceable with Kotozna Chat In-room,
an app designed for hotels to gather service requests from guests where language barriers between staff and guests are eliminated since both can chat in their own

Staff will have more productive hours and get to know their customers better; service will be faster; hotels will amass higher savings and most of all ~ customers will enjoy a different guest experience.

Kotozna Chat In-room is the newest, most convenient mode of communication between hotels and their guests. App download is not required of guests and chatbots can fill in for hotel staff. Given its very powerful automatic translation, guests from different countries can comfortably use their own language to relay requests to staff. No more invasive, uneasy phone calls but only a more effective, convenient way to truly connect. With Kotozna Chat In-room, hotel staff becomes a click away, and hotel services come as fast as a tap.