Fusing worker & technology for better, more informed decisions

At Showstoppers we’re debuting LogistiVIEW’s Connected Worker Platform. Software that fuses AR and AI to create a new visual language enabling workers and technology to communicate seamlessly. The way work should be done.

Imagine slipping on a pair of AR smart glasses at work and instantly seeing clear visual instruction on what to do. LogistiVIEW’s technology makes this happen. By combining Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and computer vision, LogistiVIEW quickly empowers the frontline workforce. The camera captures real time information, the AI interprets complex data, and the AR presents only the most critical information in a natural human way. Now employees can confidently locate, retrieve, scan, and fulfill their business objectives accurately and efficiently – every single time.

Whether a company is looking to expand the productivity of their warehouse, or empower their workforce to do their jobs confidently and more accurately, LogistiVIEW provides the best choice to connect people with data seamlessly to make better, more informed decisions.  For companies in supply chain, manufacturing, retail, and more, the Connected Worker platform is a cost-effective and widely-deployed way to jumpstart productivity today.

Stop by our table for a live demo, learn why Gartner named us a “Cool Vendor” of 2018, and interview our CEO about how we build a new collaboration between worker and technology for Industry 4.0.

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