AWOL Vision: The Only Choice of 150’’ Laser TV

AWOL Vision, the award-winning company behind the new wave of the brightest 4K, Triple Laser short throw projectors on the market, will be at ShowStoppers with flagship short throw projectors LTV-2500 and LTV-3500. They will be unveiling their new AWOL Vision Vanish 100/120” UHD TV with rollable install making it the world’s largest HD TV projector that can be installed in any space. 

AWOL Vision products are available starting Jan. 5th, 2023 on their website, Amazon Prime and Best Buy. Prices for the LTV-2500 start at $2,399 up to $4,198 when bundled with other accessories. LTV 3500 prices start at $4,399 up to $5,499 when bundled with accessories. The AWOL Vision Vanish 100/120” UHD TV is $14,999 and is an all in one package that can be moved into any space no matter how difficult it is to get to. 

AWOL is known for having the brightest 4k triple laser short throw projectors on the market. The view is vibrant, light proof and 3d capable with an optional Game Mode. They utilize MEMC technology for smooth content and transitions. The LTV 2500 and LTV 3500 boast up to 150 inches of viewing space which blows basically any average high definition television out of the water.  Their triple laser short throw projection system without color wheel both greatly improves image quality while also decreasing on product sound which is a common complaint of competitor products. 

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