Bring Your Home to Life with the Magic of Touch

Making its European debut at IFA 2018, the Nanoleaf Canvas is here to change the way you think about lighting. With its intuitive touch controls and modular square design, the Nanoleaf Canvas transforms everyday lighting into an experience curated just for you.

It’s the middle of winter, but you wake up to a beautiful sunrise painted by the Nanoleaf Canvas. You get out of bed and walk to the bathroom while brushing your hand across the wall. A soft ripple runs across the orange yellow glow of your Canvas wall, bringing your space to life just as the sun rises outside your window.

With the Canvas, you create your own personal lighting masterpiece.

Intuitive Touch Control

  • Touch to turn on lets you easily control the Light Squares without your phone
  • Create dynamic animations with brilliant touch-reactive effects
  • Control with the Nanoleaf Smarter Series App or voice commands

Create Your Masterpiece

  • New modular square shape offers infinite design possibilities
  • Connect hundreds of Light Squares to one single Control Square
  • Built-in Rhythm function for real-time music visualizations of your favorite songs
  • Revolutionary edge lit design with a marble-like finish for a classically modern look

Immersive Lighting For…

  • Creating a statement wall to set the perfect ambience in your living room & bedroom
  • Functional white light in your study or work space
  • Adding a splash of color in a kid’s room or entertainment hub

Nanoleaf’s Smart Lights Transform Your Home with Intuitive Touch 

Nanoleaf reveals a brand new Hexagon shape to their line of touch-reactive smart lights. Offering even more options for creativity, the Hexagons create intricate configurations that transform lighting from mundane to masterpieces to be marveled at.

Launched just a month ago, the Nanoleaf Canvas is the first of the company’s intuitive touch lights with a modular LEGO-like setup. We believe in lighting that fits into your life, not the other way around. The Nanoleaf Canvas is a modular smart light that can change, shift and grow with you – ultimately, making your everyday better. With interactive touch technology engineered to react to your unique gestures, touch the Canvas to turn on, off, adjust brightness, activate animations and turn on the music visualizer. Now you can transform the entire ambience of your home with one single touch.

Combining smart controls with a classic edge-lit aesthetic, the thoughtful design of the Nanoleaf Canvas makes it a standalone piece of art that appeals to the senses while making your home more intelligent. With a multi-faceted texture effect, the Canvas’ brilliant crystal-like optics play off of the traditional marble tile – eloquently capturing that elusive human touch often neglected by today’s smart home.