Supporting Healthcare Professionals to Manage Aspiration Pneumonia Risk

For the first time ever, GOKURI from PLIMES offers an AI-powered method to measure swallowing sounds and vital signs such as body temperature, heart rate, and oxygen saturation, enabling healthcare professions to decide the next step in care in a quantitative manner.

GOKURI provides a comprehensive IoT/IoH (Internet of Human) solution with an edge-device consisting of a wearable sensory neckband and a smartphone app for point of care monitoring, and a cloud system for visualizing, tracking and in-depth analysis.

Remote monitoring with GOKURI with its AI-powered auto-detection algorithms allow the hospitals to free up the scarce and the most valuable human resources for critical and essential tasks.

The neckband is waterproof and made with an elastomer exterior suitable for extended human contact without skin irritations. It is robust and easy to use during both clinical practice and daily life. Stop by PLIMES at ShowStoppers to learn what you and hospitals can do with GOKURI.