Pocketalk for business: The future of global communication

Pocketalk has a singular goal: remove language barriers. 

We launched Pocketalk with handheld devices, helping travelers connect in 85 languages. With half a billion translations and over a million devices sold, we’re at an advent of limitless human connection and need in our global economy to expand our reach. 

Our answer: Pocketalk for Business, an industry-leading suite of translation solutions. 

“Our world has become increasingly more connected through technology. We can reach someone on the other side of the world at lightning speed. But, once we’re ‘there,’ how do we connect?” ponders Noriyuka Matsuda, Pocketalk CEO. “Current translation options are costly and clunky…until now. Pocketalk has evolved to a global communications company with one task, breaking down language barriers. Our advancements position us to achieve liberation for communication.” 

“Our solutions solve global communication needs,” said Seishi Miki, Pocketalk Head of Product Development. “With AI-powered solutions, and the continual advancements in AI technology, we’re now able to understand the complexities of language and deliver accurate, reliable, fast translation that reflects natural conversation.” 

Pocketalk for Business includes: 

Geneva digital experience, delivering instantaneous translations during events
Sentio web-based solution for meeting translation
Vox high-speed video translation solution
Ventana administrative panel for device management and insights 

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Language Translation Technology Helps Schools Establish Personal Connections with ELL Students and Their Families

Pocketalk, a leader in real-time language translation technology, is introducing the Pocketalk App, its first mobile app, which enables use of a phone or tablet for fast, reliable translation. The cloud based Pocketalk App translates 82 languages, supporting a global need for accessible translation solutions. It provides subscribers access to the most accurate conversational translations whenever they use the app on their phone or tablet. Easy to download on any iOS or Android device, the Pocketalk App translates conversations up to three times faster than other translation technologies.

Complementing Pocketalk’s existing suite of language translation products, once downloaded on a preferred mobile device or tablet, the Pocketalk App creates new potential for on-the-go conversations and translation support whenever multiple languages are being spoken. 

Additional app features include:

  • One-button translation for simpler translations in fewer steps
  • Text-to-translate camera, which allows your phone or tablet camera to instantly recognize and translate digital text, written words, and signs
  • Conversion feature, which computes exchanges for currency, length, width and temperature

The Pocketalk App is available for purchase in the App store and Google Play for $2.99 monthly or $29.99 annually and provides subscribers a connection anywhere they go in the world. For more information and to view a product demo, visit

Sourcenext Unveils Pocketalk, A Two-Way Voice Translation Device That Makes Global Travel a Breeze –  Imagine Where It Will Take You

Debuting at IFA, Pocketalk™ is the portable, AI-powered instant voice translation device that makes it easy to travel the world and converse with people who speak different languages. With the ability to translate 74 different languages, Pocketalk makes it easy to understand others and be understood. Pocketalk uses WiFi, mobile data, or a personal hotspot to connect to the internet and provide the most accurate translations possible. Pocketalk will initially be available in white and then also in gold and black by end of year. Pocketalk will be available for purchase in the US starting October 10 with two pricing options:

  • $249 features a WiFi enabled device
  • $299 adds a global SIM with two years of mobile data included

Talk the way you normally do, not just in statements or phrases. Pocketalk eliminates the need to look up words and phrases in a dictionary or on your phone. Small and compact, the device fits in your pocket, so you can take it anywhere, and you never have to hand over your phone. Whether you’re exploring a new culture while extending a business trip, backpacking through Europe or communicating with world-class athletes at the Olympics, Pocketalk opens doors for global travelers.