The Sustainable battery pack on Demand

It’s called the Quick-E Charger from QuickEnergy, and it’s here to make sure you’re never caught in one of those sticky situations ever again. That was the motto that we stuck to when building our start-up out of an office in East London. We were tired of running out of juice on our mobile phones, with the only charging solutions available requiring one to either tether themselves to a socket or carry around a clunky power bank that was seldom ever charged itself. So we produced the Quick-E.

The Quick-E aims to end low battery anxiety. It’s a super affordable (less than a cup of coffee) battery pack that comes pre-charged and is available at convenience stores, supermarkets and cafes. It’s extremely slim and sleek, and sticks neatly to the back of your device, so no more dangling cables or dongles. Once all the charge has been used up, simply peel it open, and pop it into a postbox where it will be returned to our reconditioning facility to be repackaged and recharged for the next use, because we love the environment. And yes, we use 100% green energy to recharge all of our Quick-Es.

It comes in 3 formats: Quick-E Lightning for iPhones, Quick-E Type-C for Android devices, and the Quick-E Book for Laptops and Tablets. It also features an app that tells you whether the closest stockists are located as well as your nearest postboxes.


Reboot. Recharge. Return. #NeverGoFlat