Riley Scooters introduces the all-new commuter scooter

The RS3 Electric scooter from Riley Scooters is the first, high-quality, easily foldable, and compact scooter on the market. Designed and manufactured by Riley Scooters this scooter is bound to make a big impact on the e-mobility market as ‘the all-new commuter scooter.

Commuting in mind, this scooter folds small enough to fit into a carry bag, take onto a train, bus, taxi/car (meeting public transport requirements), or easily store at home taking up less than 1 cubic metre (0.084m³/649x272x474mm). This lightweight scooter (14kg) can easily be carried, making it the perfect commuter scooter. The design also allows for the scooter to be dragged, so instead of carrying the scooter through no ride zones, just pull it.

RS3 is not only convenient but offers the rider an impressive range and speed for its size. Fully charged with a range of 25km/15.5mi, speed of 25km/15.5mi supported by a powerful 350W motor. The scooter also boasts impressive safety features with E-ABS, a dual disk brake braking system and LED front, rear and brake lights. The detachable battery makes charging easy on the go. Simply detach and charge anywhere or simply swap out. Designed to last, the frame is built with strong Aircraft grade aluminium, giving the scooter longevity and a comfortable, sturdy ride.

Packed with impressive tech. The scooter is app enabled. Features include controlling music, turn lights on/off, monitor speed & battery life, lock the scooter directly from the app and track where you left it.