Benks curves, bends, tempers mobile glass

Benks is a creative mobile accessories brand in China. Its product line includes screen protectors, cases, charging accessories, in-car accessories, audio, and other creative accessories. With new iPhones around the corner, Benks is ready and launches brand new accessories for new iPhones.

Material is Glass and TPU, the glass restore the original feeling, and edge is 3D hot bending, to maximize the fit of the curved phone.

It is tempered at high temperature, explosion-proof and impact-resistant.

The edge of case is soft TPU, which is easy to install and disassemble without damaging the mobile phone.

Authorized Tempered Glass By Corning, Comprehensive Protection for Phone — The first licensed brand in China for mobile phone accessories, which is using Accessory Glass 2 by Corning® glass to produce tempered glass protector.

The tempered glass used heat & bending technology, which truly realizes 3D feeling, scratch-resistant surface, 400° high-temperature tempering, explosion-proof and impact-resistant. It’s not excessive that the tempered film is second screen of the mobile phone.


From Benks — fast charging, and a mango humidifier

From Benks, this is a new choice for wireless charging — a cube wireless charger with smart constant frequency technology, fixed-frequency fast charge, stable current and voltage, fast charging does not hurt the battery.

Unique design,material is Aluminum Shell and Tempered Glass Panel, wear-resistant & anti-drop, easy to dissipate heat, this product is also a good decoration on the table.

And the Mango Humidifier: Brings Innovation to Life — it gets rid of the bulky and rigid traditional humidifier on the market, and brings innovation to life. The shape of the mango is more like a piece of art, the nozzle with tilted design, gives out smooth mist. Mini size, suitable for room and office desktops, humidify your living space to prevent dry. Quiet design, does not effect work and sleep. Full water can be used for 4~8 hours based on interval and continuous mode, auto shut off protection.