Reolink Leads the Way in Eco-Friendly Home Security with 4K UHD Solar Cameras at IFA 2023

Incorporating the concept of “4K Solar +” into its battery-powered cameras, Reolink has launched the 4K UHD solar camera with dual-band WiFi, 4G network, pan/tilt, and spotlights options for versatile surveillance.

At four times the resolution of its predecessor, the Argus Eco Ultra holds the potential to see every detail that matters in 4K. With spotlights, it provides full-color details at night. It works on 5/2.4GHz dual-band WiFi, which means the connectivity will be much more stable than the old version. The battery life for this standalone camera will be also long. If you‘ve got an additional solar panel, you’ll enjoy 24-hour protection with just one hour of sunlight.

Go PT Ultra covers virtually all the robust features you desire in an outdoor security camera. It streams 4K videos with true-to-life details, while the 4G LTE network ensures smoothness. 355° pan & 140° tilt expands the monitoring areas to nearly 360°. Another improvement will be spotlights, which empower color night vision. Similar to Argus Eco Ultra, it’s long battery life and adjustable solar panel also ensure non-stop power in off-grid locations.

The two cameras will be available on the official Reolink website You can also find our other cutting-edge new releases there, such as Argus Track with auto-zoom tracking, E1 Outdoor Pro with WiFi 6 and auto-tracking, Duo 2 PoE with 180° panorama, CX410 with ColorX true color night vision, and RLC-1212A with 12MP.