Sunnytimes E-Scooter — zero emissions

Sunnytimes Scooters®, the ultimate two-wheel smart scooter from Sunnytimes Electric, is a bike lane-friendly, zero emissions clean fun ride for adults, one that quickly accelerates up to 20 MPH going a distance of 25 miles on a single charge. Whether commuting or just enjoying a leisurely ride, Sunnytimes will forever change the way people travel from place to place.

Incorporating the latest in smart technology with a sleek, patented ergonomic design, interactive, non-glare touchscreen that allows the rider to choose speed, review distance, control lighting and sound. Sunnytimes supports an incredible 300+ pound weight capacity with its unique heavy gauge all-welded aluminum chassis. Complying with the same rules and guidelines as the electric bicycle, requiring no license, the Sunnytimes offers a perfect solution – a simple, stable, fun bike lane-friendly, clean commuter vehicle.