TWT Audio: “Shockingly” Good Audio, at a Price That Makes Sense

TWT Audio 1

ThinkWrite Technologies®, a leader in the $1.4 trillion U.S. education sector, is extending its reach into the consumer and B2B markets with the launch of its sub-brand, TWT Audio.  The TWT Audio brand delivers headsets and headphones with incredible audio clarity, comfort and durability at a price that everyone can afford, and reflects the company’s growth and evolution into the consumer and professional markets.

“Consumers today are overpaying for under-performing audio,” says ThinkWrite Technologies founder and CEO Mike Guerena.  “Instead, TWT Audio offers users an immersive audio experience that can be enjoyed for years to come, at a price everyone can afford.  We challenge anyone to experience better sounding audio, with a more comfortable fit and attractive design, at the same price.”

The TWT Audio REVO TW300 headphone, priced under $30, alters the experience of what an over-ear headphone can offer.  The TW300 features superior sonics and ear cup swivel technology to perfectly fit each listener, combining technology with audio excellence to create an adaptable, satisfying listening experience under $30. Luxurious ear cushions gently surround and insulate the ear in 360° to provide unbeatable sound quality and minimize background noise. A sleek design, coupled with custom-tuned 40mm drivers and replaceable modular ear cushions and cables, make the TW300 REVO an innovative headphone that will last the test of time. Visit to purchase.