TrueKinetix makes indoor cycling feel like outdoor cycling

TrueBike Next-gen experience help bike riders put in more indoor training and train better.  

Every year cyclists spend 2.3 billion hours on indoor exercise bikes trying to replicate their outdoor experience. Despite cool platforms like Zwift and Rouvy, the average duration of a workout indoors is only 30% of their outdoor equivalent at only 80% of their normal power.

The reason is simple: Other indoor bikes use a traditional flywheel and that does not feel like the real deal. When it just doesn’t feel right how can you expect to put in the extra training effort?

AT CES 2022  the Dutch startup TrueKinetix will launch in the US the world’s first robotic smart bike. Cyclists who train indoors get the same experience and resistance as they do outdoors. ‘Sweating for hours on the indoor bike finally has the desired effect.’

Move the TrueBike easilyAward-winning Robotic platform
Other indoor bikes use a traditional flywheel that is too light and lacks the right resistance. At TrueKinetix we build a force generation platform that’s revolutionary. The TrueBike replicates outdoor cycling so accurately that you get that outdoor riding feeling. This innovation was recently honored with the prestigious Bike Motion Innovation Award and Sports Innovation Award.