VersaWare, The Next Generation of Nutrition-Centric Smart Kitchen Appliances


VersaWare is a sleek, user-friendly product line of two connected smart kitchen appliances — a mixing bowl and cutting board — plus the connected VersaWare mobile app — which allows users to custom-create any meal to meet their desired nutritional goals. Gone are the days of outdated measuring tools or ‘guess-and-check’ ingredient portions.

As a user prepares a meal, they simply scan barcodes (for packaged ingredients) and/or query (for unpackaged fresh ingredients), then place in the brands digitally powered appliances for calculation. VersaWare’s AI allows users in building any meal based on its nutritional composition, all in real time –  this means visually seeing immediate real-time nutrition values of an entire meal.

Unlike anything on the market today, VersaWare allows users to tailor any meal specifically to meet their desired nutritional goals without the hassle of estimating portion sizes or manually logging caloric intake via cumbersome programs. The smart kitchen nutrition system has access to thousands of products through a database of products using an open API, allowing for nearly every brand to be scanned by its end-users.

VersaWare equips individuals with the tools to custom-create any meal to meet their desired nutritional goals, all without ever needing to clutter the kitchen, constantly log information into a mobile app, or use separate food scales and measurement devices.