Introducing CO2 and PIR Ceiling Sensors – A Complete Sensor Suite

Disruptive Technologies AS completes our sensor suite for indoor spaces with two new sensors: a CO2 sensor and a PIR ceiling sensor, becoming the only sensor platform our partners and customers need for healthy, productive, and sustainable indoor spaces. Disruptive Technologies CO2 and PIR sensors will be commercially available in Q2 2022 and will cost EUR 200 and EUR 59 respectively. 

The Wireless CO2 Sensor uses ultra-low power NDIR sensor technology, has been designed to deliver a 10-year battery life, with replaceable batteries and a long wireless range (up to 150 meters indoors). The sensor also features temperature and humidity for optimizing air quality data. It helps monitor indoor air quality and supports demand-controlled ventilation. This ensures healthy air and optimizes energy use. Not only will this help businesses reach their sustainability objectives, but it will also improve employee productivity by creating a healthier environment for everyone.

The Wireless PIR Ceiling Sensor uses a quad-element PIR detection method and provides a 150-meter wireless range. It detects the presence of people in a room to allow occupancy monitoring and enable the creation of heatmaps to ascertain footfall and usage of specific spaces. This will allow businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their space utilization to predict usage and adjust resources accordingly to save energy and optimize their space.

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