Children’s screen time equals 2.1 billion episodes of Paw Patrol weekly, Xplora’s XGO2 offers a solution

Children between the ages of 4-10 spend more than 30 hours a week in front of the screen, which is the equivalent of more than 2.1 billion episodes of Paw Patrol weekly. The pandemic exacerbated this issue, with 38% of parents reporting a decrease in their children’s physical activity.

Xplora was founded with the mission to give children a safe onboarding to digital life and a better balance between screen time and physical activity. Gamification is an effective and fun way to incentivize physical activity for kids. This is why Xplora created the world’s first smartwatch for kids that blends safety and movement and includes an activity platform combining physical activity with entertainment.

New in the US, the XGO2 ($99), is an ideal first phone and smartwatch for children. It is designed for children between the ages of 4-10 and can make and receive calls from pre-approved contacts only. Children can receive text messages, voice messages, emojis, and respond only to approved contacts, and the XGO2 uses GPS to keep parents informed of their child’s location.

The XGO2 accurately tracks kids’ steps—which earn them Xplora Coins for every 1,000 steps. The Coins can be redeemed on Xplora’s Goplay platform, which includes popular games based on blockbuster children’s movies. Recently, children walked 1.8 billion steps to play the Tom & Jerry The Movie virtual pinball game, which equals 262,000 hours of physical activity.